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Osnabruck 1959/61

Plymouth. Sept/61

Gibraltar 1961/63
Tobruk 1961/3

Berlin 1963/65

Gravesend 1965/8

Aden 1966

SCLI Obituaries


SCLI Obituaries

Rest in Peace

1991 - 2000

Kenneth Richard Hughes,C/Sgt.. - died 13th. May 2000, aged 80yrs. Enlisted into 4th./5th.Bn.Dorset Regiment as a Boy Soldier in 1936. In 1938 he transfered to the 4th/5th Bn. DCLI, subsequently seeing active service in Northern France with 4th.Bn. DCLI. and the 5th.Bn.DCLI. ( Including the major action at Hill 112 ) ( A Battle Honour for DCLI and also Som.LI ) He also saw action in the Netherlands and Northern Germany. Following the end of the war he continued service with the DCLI, and with 1DCLI in Jamaica in the West Indies and later with the Osnabruck and the amalgamation with Som.LI. He served with 1 SCLI in Osnabruck, the UK. Gibraltar and Berlin. He retired from the army in 1967

Reginald Francis Stone (known as Nipper) - died 11th.February 2000 following a long illness. Joined SCLI in 1962. Served in Gibraltar, Berlin, Gravesend & Aden. Was a member of Bob Bogans Recce Pl. in Aden. Left the army in 1968 as a L/Cpl. Received the C in C'sCommendation for service's in Aden.

Captain (QM) William John (Jan ) Passmore MBE - 10th Feb 2000 - RSM in Osnabruck - DCLI - enlisted shortly after end of WW2 - . Joined 1 DCLI from the Infantry Training Centre as a Corporal. - Served with 1 DCLI in Cyprus, promoted Sgt. - Went on to serve in British and Italian Somaliland, promoted Sgt. Major. - Posted to 1 KSLI. Served with 1KSLI in Korea and returned to 1 DCLI in the West Indies, promoted to RSM. of 1 DCLI in Osnabruck and first RSM of 1 SCLI Osnabruck and Plymouth. Commissioned as Quartermaster, 1st April 1961, posted to 8DLI (TA), appointed MBE. Promoted Captain (QM), 18th March 1965, retired 29th May 1970, died 10th Feb 2000 after a long illness.

Brian Tong - died 7th February 2000 aged 60yrs. Enlisted for National Service at Shrewsbury in 1958 and posted to Som LI. at Knook Camp, Warminster. On amalgamation he served with 1 SCLI in Osnabruck and was demobbed in 1960.

Norman Padfield ( Paddy ) - died 1st. February 2000 aged 69yrs. Former Band Sgt. He enlisted into 1st. Bn. Som LI. in 1948 as a boy bandsman after attending the Army Apprentice Boys School at Arborfield, Reading. He was an accomplished musician playing the flute, piccolo and saxophone and often played in the Regimental dance band. He also attended the Army School of Music at Kneller Hall. He saw service in Germany and Malaya and after amalgation, with the SCLI. Band in Osnabruck, Gibraltar and various other postings. He finally retired from the army in 1976.

Howard Edward (Ted) Nation - died 29th.August 1999 aged 60yrs. Enlisted into the SCLI in 1960 and after training was posted to 1 SCLI. in Osnabruck. He was employed as a clerk there and in Gibraltar. In November 1963 he was posted to the LI Depot at Shrewsbury as a Company clerk, returning to the Bn. 3yrs later when they were in Gravesend. He was promoted to L/Cpl then Cpl within a short space of time and employed in the Bn. Orderly Room. He went with the Bn. to Aden in1966. After the Bn.became 1 LI. in 1968, he went with the Bn. to Ballykinler in Northern Ireland still working in the Orderly Room.He was promoted Sgt. in 1969. After 2yrs in the Province he was posted to the MOD. to work in a Personnel Staff appointment based at Stanmore, North London. He was discharged from the army in 1971. In the early 90's he was dogged by ill-health and in 1992-3 he volunteered to help out at the LI.Office ( Somerset ) when the Administrative Officer was absent on long term sick leave. His diligence, experience and knowledge of the Regiment were tremendous assets.

Raymond Ryan - died in 1999 aged 61 - He was called up for National Service in 1960 and was demobbed from Gibraltar, he did his training with the DLI at Brancepeth, then was transferred to 1 SCLI, Osnabruck, Plymouth & Gibraltar. He spent most of his time in Support Company. He was a bricklayer by trade and lived in Bristol.

Ray Ryan RIP.- A dear friend, a sad loss, but he left rich memories - (Keith Petvin-Scudamore)

Major Charles Michael Rice ( Rex ), - died 26th.May 1999, aged 56yrs. Born near Arundel Sussex, after leaving Eastbourne College he went to the RAF College at Cranwell, but he did not complete the course and went to Mons Officer Cadet School were he won the Sword of Honour. In October 1964 he was commissioned into the SCLI. and posted to 1 SCLI in Berlin.

He served with the Bn. there, in Gravesend and in Aden. He was a Rifle pln. commander,then the Mortar pln.commander and finally the Anti-tank pln. commander. He served with considerable distinction in Aden leading patrols along the Yemeni Border. Whilst at Gravesend he was involved in many exercises in Canada and Norway. In 1968 when SCLI became 1 LI he served in Ballykinler Northern Ireland where he later became Assistant Adjutant of the Bn.In 1970 he was selected to be a Course Instructor at the Specialist Training Wing at RM.Depot, Lympstone.

He spent 2yrs.with the RM. before returning to the Bn. now stationed at Lemgo. West Germany as a Co.2/ic. After 2yrs. with the Bn. he became an instructor to the Northern Ireland Training Team (BAOR) at Sennelarger. He was posted back to Ireland in August 1975, and apointed Staff Captain with HQ. 3rd. Infantry Brigade at Lurgan and Porterdown. Promoted to Major, he was posted in August 1977 to 2Bn.The UDF. as Training, Intelligence and Security Officer.

He spent 2yrs in Armagh with this Bn. In 1980 he was posted as an instructor to the School of Recruiting in Woolwich. By this time, the initial effect of multiple scelerosis was beginning to manifest itself. The army did its best to find jobs that were not too physically demanding for him. After Woolwich he went to the School of Infantry at Warminster as a researcher and author of military pamphlets. By September 1988 he was confined to a wheelchair and had to retire from the army.

Maj. A. Peter Rowe - died 14th April 1999,aged 66yrs. He served a full career in the army and then continued to serve as a RO III and died only shortly after having finally retired. He came from a DCLI family, his father having served in the Regiment, and was commissioned into DCLI in1952. He served all over the world including a tour with 1 Para. Following amalgamation he was Training Coy. Com. at the SCLI Regimental Depot, Bodmin. He was a well known army boxer and a fearless rugby player.

Lt.Col. John Thurstan Collins Howard MC. - died 28th. December 1998

Lt.Col. Philip Salusbury-Trelawny MC. DL. - died 28th.October 1998 aged 76yrs.Born in India where his father was posted he was educated at Winchester and commissioned into the Indian Army ( Frontier Force Rifles). He served in Baghdad and North Africa including the battles around Tobruk, before moving to Italy. He earned his MC. in Italy and took part in the assault on Florence, the road to Bologne and the appalling fighting around the Gothic Line. After Indian Independence in 1947 he left the Indian Army and joined the DCLI. following amalgamation he was to become 2ic. of 1 SCLI in Gibraltar. In 1964 he commanded the LI. Depot at Shrewsbury before becoming Deputy President Regular Commissions Board at Westbury. After a spell as SO1 Public Relations at UKLF Wilton he retired from the army in 1975. He later became the LI.Regimental Secretary ( Cornwall ) and retired from this post in 1984 due
to failing health.

Malcolm House - died 14th. October 1998.(age not given) Enlisted into SCLI and following training joined the Berlin, later served in Gravesend and Aden. He served in the Bn. as a machine gunner and a driver. He left the army in March 1968.

John Stewart Barry-Tait - died 19th.June 1998,aged 55yrs. Enlisted April 1962 into SCLI. and did his basic training at Pontefract and 6 months later he was posted to 1 SCLI in Gibraltar where he was employed as a Bn.Orderly Room clerk. He went with the Bn to Berlin where he spent some two years before being promoted to L/Cpl.and posted to the LI.Depot at Shrewsbury. He continued to work as a clerk both in the Orderly Room and also with the MT.section. In 1968 he was posted back to the Bn.which was based in Gravesend. He was Support Coy.clerk and carried out training in Norway and Canada. He was with the Bn.when it was re-titled 1 LI. and went with the Ballykinler, Northern Ireland where he was B Coy.clerk. Following an exercise in Kenya, he was with the Bn. when the troubles broke out in Northern Ireland in the Autumn of 1969. In February 1970 he was posted with the Bn. to Lemgo, West Germany where he was employed as the MT NCO.for B.Coy. He left the army in 1971 after 9yrs. service. He later joined the TA and from 1972 to 1980 he was the Regimental Chief Clerk with the rank of S/Sgt. with 155 ( Wessex ) Regiment, RCT (V) at Taunton. In 1985 he joined the Somerset Army Cadet Force and served loyally with the Bn. up to the moment of his untimely death through Cancer. At the time of his death he was a Cadet Administrative Assistant with the rank of Captain. It was John who together with Lt.Col. John Howard MC. his former CO.had the idea of starting an Annual Reunion for past members of the SCLI who had served in Berlin. The venue was the Apple Tree Inn at West Pennard. This event now takes place annually at Taunton in the month of April as The SCLI/LI Reunion. It remains one of the most popular events in the Regimental calendar.

Nigel William Pender - died 6 August 1997 aged 51yrs. Enlisted as a Junior Bugler in the Junior Soldiers Company, Shrewsbury in April 1962. In 1965 he joined 1 SCLI in Berlin. He served as a Bugler and was soon promoted to L/Cpl. Later moving to Gravesend and Aden. When the Bn. became 1 LI. he served in Northern Ireland and at that time was in the Assault Pioneer Platoon. He went with the Bn. to Lemgo in 1971 and was promoted to Cpl. He was at one stage a Bugle Instructor at the Depot in Shrewsbury. On return to the Bn. he joined a rifle platoon as a Section Commander. When the Bn.went to Hong Kong he was promoted to Sgt in the Mortar Platoon. In 1978 when the Bn. was at Tidworth he was appointed as B Co. Intelligence Officer. In 1980 he was posted to 5 LI (V) at Hereford as PSI, later to SPSI, 2 yrs. later he rejoined 1 LI. in Munster as a Platoon Commander, from there he joined the Recruiting Staff and to ACIO at Hereford. He received the LSGC Medal in 1983 and in 1984 was appointed Training Wing Manager at Winchester. He retired from the army in 1986.

Charles Richard Rowe - died 25th December 1996 aged 58yrs. Enlisted into DCLI in 1956 and served with DCLI & SCLI at postings in Osnabruck, Gibraltar, Libya, Berlin, Aden and later with 1 LI. in Northern Ireland. Retired from the army ( date not given ) having attained the rank of Sgt.

Frederick Newman Beattie - died 27th.May 1996 aged 63yrs. Enlisted into February 1964. Previously served as a Royal Marine from 1951 till 1963. Had been awarded RN.GSM with clasps for Suez and the Middle East. Was posted after training at the LI Depot Shrewsbury to 1 SCLI in Berlin, by the end of 1964 he had been promoted to Cpl, saw service in Norway and Aden, he was awarded the GSM with clasp for Aden and in 1969 the LSGC Medal. He was at one stage a Recruiting NCO at the Redruth Office. He retired from the Army in 1974 as a C/Sgt.

Charles Geoffrey Edwards (Gough) - died 15 May 1996 aged 66yrs. Enlisted into 1954 at the Depot in Bodmin following training posted to 1st. Bn. in the West Indies. Later returning to the Depot as a Recruit Instuctor. Following amalgamation served in Osnabruck,Gibraltar,Gravesend and Aden later with the LI. in Lubbecke and the LI. Depot at Shrewsbury. He retired from the army in 1976. ( Note rank on discharge not given, but photograph shows him wearing a lanyard, so obviously he was a SNCO ) Among those who attended his funeral in Leicester was his great colleague Fred Beattie who was to die just 12 days later.

Colonel Robin Bruce Robertson - died 2nd January 1996, aged 68yrs. Born in Poona India, he was commissioned into the Som LI. on 30th. June 1948 served in 1st. Bn. in Malaya. From 1953-54 he was appointed as Intelligence Officer of 41st. Ghurka Infantry Brigade. He was later Adjutant of 1st. Som. LI. Prior to the amalgamation he was posted to the DCLI in Osnabruck as a Company Commander. He attended the Army Staff College in 1960 and was then employed at the War Office, after this he commanded a Company at the RMA Sandhurst. He attended the Joint Services Staff College at Latimer in 1965 and from there rejoined SCLI. at Gravesend as 2lC. He later went on to be CO of 3 LI. Following this he had several other post's before he retired from the army in 1982. in the rank of Colonel.

GOLDSMITH, Robert Burrell Frederick Kinglake (1907-1995), Major General - Colonel of the Regiment 1960 to 1963

Raymond Arthur Morrish ( Skippy ) - died 14th.December 1995 aged 49yrs. Started his army career by joining DCLI. TA in February 1963. Approximately 18 months later he enlisted into the SCLI. based at Gravesend. He later went with the Battalion to Aden where he was awarded the C in C's recommendation for Brave Conduct. Following Vesting day he served with 1 LI. for a period of 8yrs.before transferring to 2 LI. for 2yrs from 1976-78. returning then to 1 LI. He the attained the rank of C/Sgt and was posted to 5 LI. and then 6 LI. before again returning to 1 LI. with tours in Germany & Northern Ireland in the MT Platoon, with the rank of WO ll. He was awarded LSGC Medal. He spent the last few month's of his service at the LI. Depot at Shrewsbury before his discharge on 14th November 1986. Skippy was unfortunate in that he had to undergo a partial leg amputation in the early 90's.

Cyril Robinson ( Robby ) - died 10th September 1994 aged 68yrs. Enlisted into DLI. in 1950 did a tour with the Parachute Regt. returned to DLI and later posted to 1 DCLI
in Jamaica. Remained with the Bn until amalgamation then posted to DCLI TA in Bodmin. Rejoined 1 SCLI. in Gibraltar. His immaculate figure made him the natural choice for the appointment of ' Port Serjeant ' He had a commanding presence at the Ceremony of the Keys. His final posting was to Som LI. TA. in Glastonbury. He was awarded the LSGC Medal in 1965. He retired from the army in 1967.

Charles Feather - CSM. - Died 5th. August 1994 aged 68yrs after a long illness. He enlisted first into the Royal Navy on 9 December 1943 and transferred after 8 months to DLI, then KOYLI in 1944 and finally Som LI on 25 March 1947 and served in that Regt until discharged on 16 November 1947.
He re-enlisted into Som LI on 5 March 1952, where he served with BAOR, FARELF and MELF, and on amalgamation, with SCLI on 7 November 1959. He served with the SCLI in Osnabruck, Gibraltar and Berlin.
In 1965 he was posted to DCLI TA at Bodmin as PSI. In 1967 he was posted to 1 KOYLI/2LI in Berlin as CSM. In 1969 he moved to 1 LI in Northern Ireland, then Lemgo in 1970 and finally to the LI Depot at Shrewsbury, where he was discharged from the army on 6 November 1972 after serving for a total of almost 24 years. Later he joined the TA serving with 6 LI in Cornwall in the rank of WO2.

Peter Desmond Rabey - Sgt.23529686, died 6th. June 1994, aged 51yrs. He joined the Junior Leaders Infantry Bn. at Shorncliffe as a 15yr.old and enlisted into the DCLI as an adult in 1959. He served with the Osnabruck and after amalgamation with 1 SCLI. and later with 1 LI. He served in various postings including Aden, and it was whilst serving with 1 LI. that he left the army. At the time of leaving he had attained the rank of Sgt. and his final post was that of the Assault Pioneer Pltn. Sgt. After leaving the army, and prior to his death, he had served with a part time RAF Regt.Squadron at RAF St. Mawgan, Cornwall. Whilst serving with 1 SCLI in 1963, he had taken part in the Inter Coy. Boxing Championship. He was, according to Bob Bogan BEM. Built like a Greek God.

Barry John Gunner - died 12 December 1993 aged 51yrs. Joined SCLI at the Regt. Depot, Bodmin in July 1960 served in Osnabruck, Plymouth & Gibraltar promoted L/Cpl then to Cpl with Bn. Provost Staff. then to Berlin, Gravesend & Aden. Whilst in Aden, the vehicle he was driving in the Radfan was blown up by a terrorist mine, killing two passengers and injuring many others. Barry received serious injuries as a result of the explosion and was evacuated back to England and medically discharged from the army. He made a marvellous recovery from these injuries and later worked for Avon Tyres in Wiltshire. He was a regular attender at the SCLI Reunion which at that time was held at the Apple Tree Public House.

Colin Franks, CSgt. - Died 3rd. November 1993 age 63. Enlisted as a 15yr old into DCLI. In 1946 he was posted to 1 Som LI. in India, following amalgamation in 1959 he was posted to 4/5 Som LI. TA in Bath as PSI. He returned to SCLI in Gibraltar and as a CSgt was one of the escorts to the Colours when they were presented to the Battalion. He was later posted to the 2nd. Bn. Malaysia Rangers and retired from the army following service with this Bn. He was later to be one of the founders of the 'Somersets In Malaya' Reunion. which remains a very popular Reunion.

Geoffrey Edwards Pte. 23710339 - Died 8th August 1992 aged 50 - Served in the DCLI & SCLI with postings at Bodmin, Osnabruck, Gibraltar and Berlin. He was in C Coy in Osnabruck and MT for most of his other service, he is most remembered as Major Tom Meredith's driver. He had two elder brothers Russel and Brian who also served in the DCLI a few years before. On meeting his future wife Norma he chose to leave the army and went on to have seven children together and moved about the UK quite a bit, one time working as a driver at RAF Colerne. He often spoke of his army days and particularly enjoyed Gibraltar as he recalled driving up to the Apes with water supplies.

However sadly after 29 years of marriage Geoff died in a tragic accident in 1992, Norma has since remarried but on seeing the SCLI website she has sent pictures as a tribute to Geoff.

( I still have his army boot brushes and have cherished them since he died. As a kid I used to love asking him what his number was and was amazed each time he got it right(every time!) He used to tell us stories about being put in 'jankers'! Loving Memories - Mel Edwards - Sara and Simon.

Capt. Tony Pascoe, July 1992, - ( date not shown in Silver Bugle ) aged 55yrs. Enlisted into the DCLI in 1957 and served in the 1st.Bn. and following amalgamation with 1 SCLI in Osnabruck, Plymouth, Gibraltar and other posting's. He was promoted through the rank's and in 1975 he became the RSM of 1 LI. In 1977 he was commissioned and served in 1 & 3 LI. and 2 RGJ. He retired from the Regular Army in 1983 but immediately took up the appointment of Permanent Staff Admin Officer with C Coy. 6LI. in Falmouth.

Maj. John Frederick Overton - Died 28th.June 1992, aged 61yrs. Educated at Bristol Grammer School, he carried out his basic training at the Green Jackets Training Centre at Winchester before undergoing Officer Training at Eaton Hall Officer Cadet School. He was commissioned into the Som.LI. as a National Service Officer on the 17 December 1949. A year later he decided to make the army his career and was granted a Short Service commission in the Regt. In 1950 he served with 1 KSLI. in Hong Kong, and in 1951 returned to become the Assistant Adjutant at the LI.Brigade Training Centre in Hampshire.From there he rejoined 1 Som.LI. in Germany before being posted to The KOYLI. LI. Brigade Depot at Strensall, whilst there he was granted a Regular commission into the Regt. He then returned to 1 Som.LI.and served with them on active duty in Malaya as a Rifle Pltn.Com. and later with the Bn. in Malta and Cyprus. In 1958 he was posted to the Regt.Depot at Taunton and from there to the DCLI.Depot at Bodmin to supervise the amalgamation of the two Depots in 1959. He then became the 1st.Adjutant of the SCLI Depot at Bodmin. He then moved to other posting's, including an operational tour in Cyprus, from where he rejoined 1 SCLI in Berlin as the Adjutant. This was followed by an MOD post where he was with the Equipment Production Branch. In 1968-69 he was with 1 Northern Ireland as a Coy. Com. In 1969 he was posted to the Royal School of Military Engineering at Chatham with the appointment of Insructor / Infantry. From Chatham he was again posted to the MOD in London, and it was from this post that he retired from the army.
John Overton will always be remembered for his amazing knowledge of Military History, Dress, Customs and Traditions of the Regt.There can be few who possessed his skill in illustrating, in the most minute detail, pictures and sketches of Regt.Colours, Uniforms and other Military Equipment. He was responsible for the design of the LI. Cap and Crossbelt Badges, and also for the design of the 1st. Gulf War Medal.

Frederick Clifford Sprackling - died 19th.April 1992, aged 58yrs. Enlisted into the DCLI on the 4th. December 1952 as a National Serviceman, just over a year later he decided to make the army his career and changed to a regular engagement with the DCLI. He served with the Regt. and after amalgamation with the SCLI and later with the LI. until he retired in 1975 with the rank of Sgt. having served for 22yrs.

William John ( Bill ) Moore, - died 7th. March 1992, aged 53yrs. After completing his National Service, he rejoined the army in 1961 serving with 1 SCLI in Gibraltar, Berlin, Gravesend and Aden by which time he had reached the rank of Cpl. During 1 LI. tour of Ballykinler, Northern Ireland in 1968-70 he was a Dog Handler. He also served on the Bn. Provost Staff and was the Provost Sgt. at the LI.Depot at Shrewsbury and then with 1 Lemgo. Towards the later part of his service he worked in 1 LI families office in Tidworth, where he showed human understanding and a sympathetic approach at all time's. He was awarded the GSM for sevices in Aden and Northern Ireland and the LSGCM. He retired from the army in 1981. His son Jonathan has indentified his Father on this website at: Berlin Page (SCLI Regt Police (Takes one to catch one) back row left) and SCLI and families arriving Gatow, L/Cpl Moore, Cpl Dallard, L/Cpl Cundy.

Cpl Brian 'Bonar' Featherstone died at Stourbride, West Midlands on 14th January 1992 aged 56yrs.

Bonar joined the DCLI in the mid 1950's and served with the 1st Bn in Bermuda, the UK and Osnabruck.

On amalgamation in 1959 he was serving as a L/Cpl in B Coy and was later promoted to Cpl.

Little is known of his military career after he left 1SCLI in the summer of 1960, returning to the UK to attend a course at SASC Hythe. He was at the time of his death survived by two sons
and a daughter.

Geoffrey Page - died 5th March 1993 aged 54yrs. Joined Merchant Navy as a 16yr old and 4yrs later enlisted into DCLI. shortly before amalgamation, served in Osnabruck, Plymouth, Gibraltar, Berlin, Gravesend, Aden & Northern Ireland, then posted to LI Depot at Shrewsbury and retired from the army in 1970 in the rank of Cpl. Was Orderly Room SCLI and at the Depot.

Michael John Ody - died 16th. July 1991, aged 46yrs. Enlisted into the LI. ( SCLI ) as a Junior soldier in 1960. He joined 1 SCLI in Gibraltar in 1962 and served with the Bn. in Libya, Berlin, Gravesend, Norway, Aden andCanada. Following vesting day he was in 1 LI. and served for two tour's in Northern Ireland and in Kenya. He left the army in February 1970 but rejoined in October 1970 and served in 3 LI. for 9yrs. He served again in Northern Ireland and in Germany, Canada, Cyprus, Plymouth and Catterick. He was then posted to the Junior Leader's Bn. at Shorncliffe where he served for 6yrs as Post NCO. He retired from the army in 1985 having served for 24yrs.

Sidney Albert Ovenden - died 13th. March 1991, aged 50yrs. Enlisted into the Som.LI. in 1958 and folowing training was posted to the 1st.Bn. at Warminster. He went with the Bn. to Osnabruck on Amalgamation and served in 1 SCLI there and in Plymouth, Gibraltar, Berlin and Aden where he was a member of the Recce Pltn. He received the C in C's Commendation for services in Aden. He left the army after 9yrs service in 1967. In 1974 joined the TA and served in B Coy. 5LI. in Wakefield, He left the TA in 1985 having attained the rank of WO2.


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