SCLI Badge

The Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry

6 October 1959 - 10 July 1968


Osnabruck 1959/61

Plymouth Sept/61


Gibraltar/Tobruk 1961/63


Berlin 1963/65


Gravesend 1965/68


Aden 1966

On this page we have recorded as many soldiers as we are able to collect the details of that were commissioned from the ranks and rose to substantial rank, also included those that rose from Pte. to RSM. Should you spot inaccuracies please let us know, also you may see soldiers that have been completely missed. Email Webmaster

Our thanks for great help in the details go to Lawrie Hodges, Lt. Col. Eric Herrington MBE., Terry Joll and Major Stephen Taylor QM. also to Major General Barry Lane CBE for suggesting these details be added to this website.

Due to the passage of time it is not easy to get these details accurate so please do not be offended if there are mistakes, tell us and we will be pleased to correct them.

Nobby Clark – Som.LI – SCLI – DLI – KOYLI – 2LI – RQMS then to Major QM

Vic Worster – Som.LI – SCLI – RSM then to Major QM.

Colin Harding – DCLI – SCLI – RSM then to Major QM then GD.

Stephen Taylor – SCLI – RSM -commissioned in 1994 then to Captain QM / Major GD – last serving SCLI with a Regular Line Battalion Dec 1995

Harold Royffe – DCLI – SCLI – RSM then to Lt. QM.

Glyn Watkins – SCLI – RSM then to Lt Col. QM MBE

Tony Pascoe – DCLI – SCLI – RSM then to Capt QM

Bert Love – DCLI – SCLI – CSM then to Captain GD

Nelson Bassett – DCLI – SCLI – RSM

Terry Joll – DCLI – SCLI – RSM RAOC (WO1 (LSL)

Bill Lloyd – SCLI – 1LI , 2LI (RSM) in Gibraltar.

Mick Sawyer – Som.LI – SCLI – WO11 then to Major CTT (Last soldier that served in SLI to retire)

Alan A. Lynas-Gray. Capt. Died 13 September 2002 aged 75yrs. Enlisted KSLI in 1946, then as a result of a mistake made by a clerk in the Bombay Holding Unit who crossed out the letter K in KSLI he was posted to Som LI in India in 1947. He transferred to the 1st Bn. Parachute Regt. in 1948. He returned to Som LI.towards the end of their Malayan tour. He had risen to CSM by the time of the formation of SCLI. Shortly after the presentation of the Colours in 1962 he was posted to Junior Leaders Battalion at Oswestery as RQMS. He then returned to SCLI as RSM. He was commissioned in the rank of Lt. in 1967 as 2i/c HQ Coy.Shortly after this he took over as MTO. and held this post till 1973. He was promoted to Capt on 12th. May 1969. In 1973 he was posted to command 18 Cadet Training Team in Plymouth, he retired from this post and the army in 1977.

Buck Morris – Som.LI – SCLI – RSM on Troopship Oxfordshire

Ian Hill (Rocky)-Som.LI -SCLI – LI – RSM Then to Major (QM)

Mike Rescorle SCLI commissioned from Sgt and rose to Lt Col and commanded a LI battalion (5LI)

Chico Edwards – DCLI RSM – SCLI – then Major QM MBE – SCLI as Major Recruiter in Redruth.

John Fouracre – SomLI – OxBucksLI – SomScouts – SCLI – DCLI TA – Pte in SomLI in 1939, commissioned in 1960.

Ben Dunster – DCLI – SCLI – RSM then RSM KSLI

Roy Gillard – MBE – Som LI/SCLI. – RSM. then to Captain QM.

Jack Frost. Major QM. Died 9 August 1989 aged 72yrs. Enlisted Som LI.1935. was ORQMS with Som LI. at the time they left India in 1947. In 1951 he was posted to DCLI as ORQMS and returned to Som LI. as RQMS. He was commissioned in the rank of Lt.QM in 1957 in Som LI. and then with SCLI promoted Capt in 1961 and Major on 15 November 1965. He was later posted to the LI. Depot at Shrewsbury and retired from there in 1968.

Jan Passmore – DCLI – SCLI – RSM then to Captain QM. MBE

Gordon Besford – DCLI – SCLI – CSM then to Major GD.

Peter Luxton – DCLI – SCLI – RQMS then to Major QM MBE

Paul Taylor – SCLI – RSM then to Captain QM.

Ray Hall – Som.LI – SCLI – RSM then to Lt Col. QM MBE

R.C.B.(Dodger Cox) – SomLI – SCLI – RSM then to Lt Col. QM Cox. Rose through the ranks to RSM on 26 April 1967, succeeding RSM Lynas-Gray, and was RSM with SCLI in 1968. Promoted Lt. in 1969 (Short service combatant commission) and retired with rank of Lt.Col. in 1983.

John Dudart-Aberdeen – ?, SCLI – RSM then to Major GD

David Rose – Som.LI – SCLI – RSM of 3 Bn LI

Chris Frost – DCLI – SCLI – RSM

Angus McKay – Som.LI – SCLI – LI – ORQMS then WO1 Superindenting Clerk at Shrewsbury

Bill Stevenson – SCLI – RSM then to Captain CTT

Eric Herrington – Som.LI – SCLI – RSM then to Lt Col QM MBE

Kenneth E. Bartlett. Died 7th February 1987 at Llandudno Hospital Wales aged 74yrs. Enlisted Som LI. in 1933. Rose through the ranks to RSM with both Som LI & SCLI.Retired as RSM in 1968. Awarded MSM in 1954 in Malaya. MBE in 1957.

Chris Matthews – 1956-61 DCLI Army Cadet Force, 4th Bn DCLI (TA) 61-64, SCLI 64-68, 1LI 68-82, IJLB Shornecliffe 82-84 CSM, 7LI (Durham) RSM, 1LI 84-88 RSM, 89-92 Royal hospital Chelsea RSM, 92-Todate Permanent staff Durham Army Cadet Force (Captain)

Bruce Perring – DCLI – SCLI – RSM then to Captain RPC

Anthony (Spanner) Manley – SCLI to Major QM MBE – PSAO at Truro with TA

Roger Nicholas WO 11 regular to RSM CTT.

Lieutenant Colonel Tom Meredith MBE. Pte in SomLI 1935, 1941/45 1st Para, SomLI – SCLI – LI Regimental Depot in 1964, he held the most senior Quartermaster’s appointment in the Army as Staff Quartermaster, Ministry of Defence AG 2. from 1964 to 1971. Promoted Lt. Col. in 1968.

Stanley Pine – DCLI – SCLI – RSM then to Captain QM

Capt. Ray Puddy MM, (Malaya), Som LI/SCLI and finished in 1KOYLI.

Gordon Walls – RSM 1LI and Ops OffIicer, RSO, Trg Officer MTO, Company Commander and Quartermaster, during its tour In Omagh NI with 3LI and a short time with 1 LI. I served in the SCLI from November 1963 until it formed the 1st Bn in Gravesend.