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The Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry

6 October 1959 - 10 July 1968


Osnabruck 1959/61

Plymouth Sept/61


Gibraltar/Tobruk 1961/63


Berlin 1963/65


Gravesend 1965/68


Aden 1966


The Taunton Branch was formed in 1948 in the County Town of Somerset which had been a Garrison Town for many hundreds of years. Jellalabad Barracks the home of the Somerset Light Infantry was prominently situated within the town and there were other military establishments also within the confines of Taunton and on the outskirts.

The Branch holds a monthly meeting at 11am on the last Tuesday of every month, apart from December, and has always made welcome, any visiting serving or former Light Infantryman to their meetings. It is also proud of the fact that it led the way in introducing a Ladies Section which convenes on the same morning. The Ladies are either the wives of the male members or widows of former Light infantrymen.

One of the main functions of the Association is to help those members who for a variety of reasons have fallen on hard times, as a result ill health or perhaps financial difficulty, welfare therefore plays a big part in the business of a Branch, we in fact are the FIRST AID and can help by bringing their needs to the notice of the Regimental Secretary, who may consider that SSAFA or the RBL can assist in the matter. He in turn will then communicate with those organisations.

Fund raising is another venture that the Taunton Branch has entered into. In recent years its members have assisted in collecting in the region of £50,000 on behalf of the Army Benevolent Fund, The Royal Star & Garter Home, for sick ex sevicemen and women. St Margaret’s Somerset Hospice for the terminally ill.

In the mid 1990’s it became the first Branch to introduce an Associate Membership to add to its local membership. This section of the Branch was formed for those former Light Infantrymen, who had no local Branch within the area in which they resided, or perhaps there employment was such that it made it difficult for them to attend meetings. There are now numerous members throughout the Country.

A quarterly bulletin is sent out to all those who join the Branch as Associate Members, to keep them informed as to what is happening within the Regiment which has now become part and parcel of the RIFLES with emphasis on the 3rd. and 5th.Bns. the 6th.TA Bn. detatched Coys. and Cadet Forces, news on former colleagues and any information which may be of benefit.

If you would care to join our Associate Membership a subscription of £5 a year would be payable which covers the publication and posting of the bulletin. A form giving details of your former military service etc is also required to be completed for entry onto the data base held at the Regimental Office in Taunton. By joining with us you will gain from the benefit of knowing, that should anything befall you in future years, you have a line of contact which can put the wheels in motion to obtain the help or assistance that you might require.

For more information please E-Mail me or Phone me on 01823 279109

Regards – Lawrie Hodges