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Rest in Peace


Frank Thomas – RIP December 2008

Info has reached me that Pte Frank Thomas, known as Thomas 49 whilst serving with the DCLI and SCLI in Osnabruck has answered his last call.

Frank was not the smartest of soldiers but made up for it by being a very good soldier in the field and an excellent rifle shot and a member of the Battalion shooting team for a number of years and fired for the Battalion at Bisley. He latterly lived in the St Ives area of Cornwall and that is where his funeral service is being held on Monday 8th December at 1100hrs at the Bedford Chapel. A group of the West Cornwall Branch of the Association along with Standard will be attending. Rest in peace Frank. (Info supplied by Terry Joll.)

Lt Col Anthony Wyndham Gason – died Sunday 23rd November 2008 aged 91

Following hie attendance at the Royal Military College Sandhurst, he was commissioned into the DCLI in January 1938. First posted to the 2nd Bn he accompanied it to France with the British Expeditionary Force. The following year he was in command of the newly formed Carrier Platoon. Wounded in the first minutes of action that the Bn fought in Belgium, he was evacuated to England. Various staff appointments followed his recovery, mostly involving intelligence work. He returned to regimental duty in 1954, joining the 1st Bn in command of C Company stationed in Jamaica. In 1956 he returned to the intelligence branch of the staff, working in Berlin, then a grey area in which the game of espionage and counter-espionage was played out between the Allies and the Soviets. Badged SCLI in 1959 he was promoted Lt Col in 1960 and appointed GSO1 at Headquarters Allied Forces South East Europe. On retirement in 1962 he was awarded the NATO Certificate of Achievement. Pre-deceased by his wife. Our condolences go to his three daughters.

Owen Wiscombe – died August 31st 2008, aged 64

Owen died in Jersey where he had lived for some years. He was born in Taunton and after his army career had worked for the prison service in UK and Jersey, but in recent years he was the HM Forces Support and Welfare Officer managing Forces Disablement and Widows Pensions in the Channel Islands. Our thoughts are with his wife Liz and the family.

John Spiller – died 5th Aug. 2008 aged 66

John died at Musgrove Park Hospital. John served with S.C.L.I from 61 to 67/68? in Gibraltar and Aden.

His funeral service is to take place at St Marys Church, Chard, Somerset at 12.00hr, on Wednesday 13th August 2008 followed by the Interment at Chard Cemetery.

John Acock – died 4th July 2008 aged 81 yrs

John was born in Oxford on 15th October 1926, at a young age he moved with his family to Painswick, Gloucestershire. He was called up in 1944 for active sevice in the Royal Engineers later becoming a regular soldier. He remained in the RE’s until November 1955 when he transferred to the Parachute Regiment. He left the army in April 1956, but being unable to settle into civilian life he re-enlisted in November of that year into the Som LI. serving with the Bn both at home and overseas postings.

Following amalgamation he continued service in the SCLI and as a Cpl served in MT. John was a prolific writer and wrote many articles which were included in the Light Bob Journal. He also had a love for potholing and photography. He retired from the army in October 1965. On leaving he became a driver with the MOD at RAF Quedgeley in Glos, later moving to National Carriers as a lorry driver. He moved to Taunton with the company in the early 70’s, where he met his future wife Shirley, a widow with 4 young children. They married in 1973 and he later adopted the 4 children. He retired from his final job as a ‘Ganger’ on the railway in the late 80’s. Following his retirement, he wrote articles for magazines and also short stories. He also undertook a college course to improve his writing skills. John was an inspiration to all who knew him and will be sorely missed by his family and friends.

Ronald Delap – died on Sunday 1st June 2008. DCLI – SCLI – LI

Ron rose to RSM.

Lieut Col. Colin Derek Cokayne Frith OBE – died 30th April 2008

(The full obituary will be on the CO’s of SCLI webpage)

Kenneth (Kenny) Bicknell – died 14th April 2008 aged 72yrs

A Cornishman by birth (born 25 July 1935), Kenny was called up for National Service with the DCLI in the late 1950s, following employment in farming, which at that time was a reserved occupation. After completing his training at Victoria barracks, Bodmin, he was posted to the 1st Bn DCLI in Osnabruck. He was still with the Bn at the time of amalgamation with the Som LI thus forming the SCLI. He left the army in the early ’60s. His main occupation after leaving the army was that of a roofing contractor. He met Jean his wife to be also in the early ’60s. They married in 1966 and raised two sons. RIP.

William Ernest Longney – died on 20th January 2008

William was of the Bristol Branch of the Light Infantry Regimental Association (Somerset Division).

Born on 26th December 1919, he joined 2 SOM LI as a Band Boy at Aldershot in 1934 prior to becoming a Rifleman and Section Commander. War years were spent with the 7th and 2nd Battalions, notably during the Italian Campaign. Post war saw time spent in Greece and Plymouth with SOM LI before leaving the Army for a short period then re-joining to deploy to Malaya with 1 SOM LI in the rank of Sergeant. Service in Osnabruck and Gibraltar with 1 SCLI followed thereafter Berlin, Gravesend and Aden. He left the Army from 1 LI in 1968 having served 4 years as a boy soldier and 25 years as and adult. On leaving the Army, Bill became a Stock Records Clerk until taking early retirement in 1982, his wife pre-deceased him.

Captain Richard Rodney Jenner Hogg – died 20th December 2007 – born 17th June 1946, aged 61yrs

He commenced military life as an O Cdt at the RMA Sandhurst in 1964 and following training was commissioned into the SCLI on the 29th July 1966 and joined the Bn as a 2 Lt. and Pltn Com in A Coy in Aden and then Gravesend. He was promoted to Lt. on the 29th January 1968 and moved to the LI Brigade Depot at Shrewsbury as 2i/c Junior Soldier Coy.

In 1970 he joined 1 LI in Lemgo, West Germany serving both there and with the Bn. in Northern Ireland as Asst. Adjt. Whilst serving in Lemgo he was promoted to Capt. on the 29th July 1972 and took over as OC Mortar Pltn. In 1974 he returned to Shrewsbury as Capt. and Adjt. of 5LI ( TA ) Bn. and remained in post until 1976 when he returned to 1 LI as OC Support Coy. both in Hong Kong and later Tidworth. He retired from the army on the 17th. June 1978. He was awarded GSM’s for South Arabia 1966 and Northern Ireland 1972.

In later life he was a church warden at St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol, where his funeral service took place on the 4th January 2008.

Message from Hugh Fox – It was agreat shock to hear the news regarding Richard. I remember him in Aden, and served with him in Gravesend as a Short Service Officer, until October 1968. On the few occasions I attended the Light Infantry Club Dinners and SCLI Reunions, Richard was always his usual charming, courteous and helpful self.

He was always a joy to meet as on each occasion he helped to roll back the years, an absolute gentleman who will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Message from Bob Bogan – Such sad news, Richard Hogg was a fantastic young Platoon Commander,and again out of the old school. Truly a wonderful Officer and gentleman. If you send condolences to the family,please include me.

Message from Brigadier Gage Williams – Richard and I joined the SCLI in Aden straight from sharing two years together in the same College at Sandhurst. I arrived slightly later than him, in August, having gone straight from commissioning with John Blashford Snell’s expedition to southern Ethiopia.

By the time I caught up with Richard at Radfan Camp he was Orderly Officer for the first time. When mounting the Guard at sunset, the duty bugler played a couple of bum notes when playing last post. You can imagine how startled the Guard were when 2 Lt Hogg suddenly leapt forward, marched up to the bugler, snatched the bugle from him and then played the Last post himself, perfectly. On completion, he handed the bugle back to the bugler and said ‘Next time, play it like that!’. Military music remained one of his passions. This was a hard act for me to follow which thankfully I did not try when it was my turn to be Orderly Officer.

Having worked with him at Compact Power, a renewable energy company, for the past ten years and just returned from a wonderful trip organised by him to cover the 150th anniversary of the Indian Mutiny, Liz and I will miss him immensely. He was a wonderful chap, always so cheerful no matter how grim things were. RICHARD HOGG RIP

David Stephens – died 28th November 2007 aged 69

Stephens, of Tywardreath, was a Cpl in Osnabruck in A Company, enlisted January 1958.

Major Paul Beresford Weller – died 22nd November 2007 aged 75yrs

Major Paul Beresford Weller died at his home on 22nd November 2007, aged 75yrs. He was married to Caroline and was the father of 5 children. Born on 10th December 1931 he was commissioned into the Somerset Light Infantry on the 1st.August 1952. In 1953 he joined the 1st.Bn.Som LI in Malaya as a 2nd.Lt. and was a A Coy. On 1st August 1954 he was promoted to Lt. and served as a Pltn. Com. in Training Coy. at the Regt. Depot, Taunton. In 1955 he was posted to Kenya and served with the 23rd and 11th Kings African Rifles in appointments that included MTO and Asst. Adjt. He was promoted to Capt. on 1st August 1958. That same year he had further Colonial Service in Tanganyika as ADC to the Governor.

In 1960 he was posted to 1st. Bn. KSLI Serving as a Coy 2i/c and Coy Com. in Colchester and Munster, West Germany, in the rank of Capt. In 1962 he was posted to HQ Berlin Bde as GSO 3 Int. In 1965 he joined 1 SCLI in Berlin as a Coy Com. being promoted to Maj. on 1st. August of that year. He served with SCLI not only in Berlin but also Gravesend Norway and Aden. His final appointment within SCLI was that of Training Maj. He retired from the Army on 31st March 1968. The family moved to Cirencester, Glos. where he set up a business dealing in new and antiquarian books. From 1977 – 1980 he was a Local Councillor, and from 1992 he was a Church Warden at Sapperton Parish Church. The family’s final home was in Cheltenham.

Message from Trevor Nottingham – Very sad so soon after losing Winker Watson and Terry Kent. Major Paul Weller was my Coy commander in A Coy in Berlin a fine officer and gentleman, I also became his batman for half a year .working at his home in Berlin. Where I also met his wife a very hospitable lady, who always cared about the welfare of his soldiers.

Message from Bob Bogan – Sad news on a wonderful Officer and gentleman, Major Paul Weller. He took command of A Coy. 1SCLI in Berlin, I was Platoon Commander of No2 Platoon. Major Weller thought it was fantastic! “a Sgt. commanding a Platoon” I left A Coy in Gravesend to Command Recce Platoon although still a Sgt. it was Major Weller who recommended me to Lt/Col.Mathews for this post. Major Weller was A Coy Commander, Berlin, Gravesend, Aden and the Winter Warfare Training in Norway, as part of ACE Mobile Force for NATO’s Northern Flank.

Major Weller’s medals I’m certain General Service Medal (1918/1962) (possible Malaya) African General Service Medal (Kenya) General Service Medal (1962 onwards) (South Arabia) This was up to the time I was posted out in 1968. With regards to Major Paul’s African General Service (Kenya) he must have served some time with either KSLI or KOYLI as both of these Regiments saw service 1954-1956 Mau Mau campaign.

I personally had a great respect for Major Weller, and he returned that respect ten fold, to myself.

I’m very distressed to hear he has passed away. This is very hard for me to take at the moment, I wish to God I lived closer, so I could have attended his funeral. I also knew Major Paul’s good lady wife, a very charming lady, who always asked me to sing Blaydon Races at the yearly parties, her and Major Paul gave for Senior NCO’s and Officers of A Coy.

Terry (Jock) Kent – died 14th Nov 2007

Funeral 23rd November 0930hrs. Roche Church. Roche. Followed by 1030hrs Glynn Valley Crematorium, Bodmin followed by Refreshments at the The Keep, Bodmin.

Message from Mike Scott – I served with Terry Kent in the army cadets, he was running the Kelly college detachment at Tavistock on a full time basis. He was also R.S.M. OF C.A.C.F. Terry was very professional in all that he did. He always made sure the battalion parade went off without a hitch by practicing before the actual parade. He was also very good at passing on his vast knowledge in the Junior N.C.O courses he used to run for the cadets.

The last time I saw Terry was at the freedom of Bodmin parade, we had a drink together and a chat about our time in the cadets. Even with his illness he was the same Terry laughing and joking.

R.I.P. mate. Mike Scott.

Message from Terry Vickery – I was very sorry to hear the news about Terry Kent, and “Winker” Watson. I served with them both and have many fond memories. They will be sorely missed. Message from Terry Nottingham – I knew Terry as Bandsman (Cornet Player) in the SCLI band. Always cheerful and ready to help. And a great support to all those around him. He left the band and came over to the SCLI Bugle Plt as corporal. With a wealth of skills as an infantry soldier. And of course a fantasic Bugler. Terry left the Bugle Plt after a couple of years for promotion to Bugle Major. In later years he went on to teach at Kelly College Tavistock

24013492 Pte Maurice (Winker) Watson – died 1st November 2007

Ex SCLI Bugler / Bandsman 24013492 Pte Watson M M – Funeral 1430hrs on Friday 16th November at Ludgvan Church Penzance. 

Message from Trevor Nottingham – I have known Maurice since 1964. We were both in the Bugle Platoon. His smartness and bearing were 2nd to none. His sense of humour was fantastic, it always gave you a lift in both bad and good times.

He had a very narrow escape in the back of a Landrover in Aden when a grenade landed in between his boots, and managed to kick it away. And as normal laughed it off, he carried on as if nothing happened. Maurice later on became a Bugle Major and had the same respect and friendship as always. Maurice will be sadly missed and fondly remembered by all that knew him. – RIP Old Friend – Trevor Nottingham

Message from John Pover: – I, like all who knew him, heard of the passing of “Winker” with extreme sadness. As someone else has already said, “He was always the life and sole of the group” Having served with “Winker” in a number of theatres I would wish to extend to his family my sincere condolences. Associated with my feelings above I would like to add those of three other former colleagues of “Winkers” Fred Weston, Chuck Carlyon and Burt Statton all of whom have asked me to pass on their condolences. They have yet to join the age of technology so do not have computers, however I do keep them informed of developments.

Message from John and Sheila Turner – Just heard of the passing of “Winker” Watson. Our deepest sympathy to his family. We both knew “Winker” and had many a laugh with him, he will be sadly missed.

Message from Neil Swanson: I attended the funeral of Maurice at Ludgvan on Friday last Rep. The DCLI Ass. also in attendance was the Chairman of the Pz. Branch RBL and Pz. RBL Standard Bearer who formed a guard of honour for Maurice. The vicar gave a excellent citation of him and his service to the SCLI and LI, I would like to comment on the letter Trevor Nottingham sent for the vicar to read about Maurice’s outstanding Army career to the congregation. And finally the singing of Wind beneath my Wings by his cousin, it was very emotional and very apt to a wonderful man. Maurice RIP, Swanny

24033751 James Russell Clark – died 19th October 2007

Ex SCLI & 1LI – James sadly died of a brain tumour but always hung on to his proud memories of service with SCLI and 1 LI. He served in Berlin, Norway, Aden and Northern Ireland.

Keith Pym – died 22nd Sept 2007

National Service 1960/62 – Served in Germany and Gibraltar – 24.07.39 – 22.09.07 sadly passed away after suffering for 8 months with pancreatic cancer – Leaving behind devoted wife Vi and son Steve, daughters Jackie and Sue and four grandchildren, Sarah, Stuart, Amy & Zoe.

He had a good life and led it to the full and enjoyed gardening and socialising, made plenty of home brew during the 1980s and ’90s and loved Tommy Cooper (and he could talk for England!) Greatly missed by all who knew him.

Leonard Sullivan – died July 7th 2007

Ex Bugler, close friend of Les and Fred Summers, remembered by all SCLI Buglers.

Message from DNSwanson (SWANNY) West Cwll branch LI Assn, Ex, DCLI 1953-55 – Len and I were close friends, not only were we ex LI but spent lots of time together in PZ, and Heamoor RBL, Len had a dry sense of humour but all who knew him enjoyed his friendship. He will be sorely missed, and I will always remember times we spent in Hayle having a drink with his many close friends and Army mates especially Les and Fred Summers in The Bucket of Blood Pub. We have lost a very special man and good friend. We often spoke about Les and Fred’s Father Joe who I had the privilege to serve with in the TA Another true gentleman, RIP Leonard, (Swanny)

Bugle Major “Beege” Smith – died 20th May 2007 aged 74yrs

WO 2 Raymond (Beege) Smith, born 1932. He enlisted into the Som LI as a boy soldier in 1946 and in 1950 he joined the Band of the 1st. Bn. Whilst the Bn was serving in Malaya during the Emergency he transferred to the Bugle Pltn. Several promotions later saw him as Bugle Major of 1 Som LI in Plymouth and Cyprus and following amalgamation of the SCLI in Gibraltar. The Bn. moved to Berlin in 1964 where he became the Officers Mess Sgt. He was then posted to Som LI (TA) at Bath as a Col. Sgt. PSI. He later rejoined 1 SCLI in Gravesend where he again took up the post of Bugle Major. From 1969 until 1973 he was the CSM, first of Support Coy in Ballykinler, Northern Ireland and then of B Coy in Lemgo, West Germany. He then became the Officers’ Mess Manager and in 1973 transferred to the Long Service List. He continued to be employed as Officers’ Mess Manager in Cyprus, Berlin and Mulheim. In 1985 he was awarded the BEM. He retired from the army in May 1987 having completed 41yrs service.

He is especially remembered by John Pover and Nigel ‘Boots’ Borlace.

Nigel writes: I was in the Band when he was the Bugle Major, both in the Somerset LI and after the amalgamation with the DCLI. I can’t help with too much information, except to say that he was a good Bugle Major and a good friend to me when I got into the Sgts Mess.

Trevor Nottingham writes: I was very saddened to read on the SCLI website of the death of Bugle Major Smith. His bearing, discipline and ability too get the best result out of people and ceremonial application were 2nd to none. Indeed besides another B/Major Jerry Hill, the SCLI had the finest Bugle Platoons in the British Army. I am sure I speak for the other buglers who served under him at Gravesend – Maurice (Winker Watson) Terry (Happy) Price, Ronnie Ginger Burke, Tressider, Sullivan, Hocking, Vigus, Clarke to name but a few.

CSM Freddie Thomas – died 14th April 2007

Frederick Leonard Thomas was born on 19th June 1924 in Dagshai, India where his father was serving with the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.

One of eight children, Fred enlisted into the KOYLI aged 14 years and soon became a CO’s Bugler. He went on to complete 26 years service and retired with the rank of WO2 (CSM). Fred and his family returned to England in 1944, the first time Fred had been to England and was posted to RHQ Yorkshire where his father was now keeper of Skipton Castle. While in Yorkshire he married Dorothy and raised four children who have produced eight grandchildren. One son Richard joined the Royal Marines and became the RSM.

Fred fought with the KOYLI in Burma fighting a rearguard action against the Japanese, he returned to civilian life for a while before re-enlisting this time into the DCLI. and went to the West Indies as a Sergeant. He was CSM of Support Company in Osnabruck and played rugby, he was well liked and respected Sergeant Major.

After the amalgamation it is believed Fred returned to Bodmin to become PSI of the TA and finally retired from the regiment aged 40yrs. in 1964. He looked on himself as an adopted Cornishman and thoroughly deserved that title, he took up work with the Royal Mail and finally retired some 25 years later. He enjoyed good health until aged 81 and died on 14th April 2007 aged 82 years.

The cremation service took place at Penmount Crematorium Truro on Monday 23rd April at 1630hrs. A Guard of Honour was provided by members of The West Cornwall Branch of The Light Infantry Association, the Standard of the West Cornwall Branch of the DCLI & LI Associations was on parade and carried by Bobby Fox.

Regimental members who attended were: Colonel Toots Williams, Major Hugo White, Mr Terry Joll, Billy Mitchell, Alan Collins, Dennis Wilton, Michael (Nobby) Clarke. This obituary was compiled by Mr Terry Joll.

Brice Smith – died 4th April 2007

National Serviceman trained at Bodmin 62nd draft 1960, on reaching Osnabruck transferred from C Coy. to Signals. Remembered by Tony Hood (who he was at school with) and Reg Horn.

Frank Danby – died 14th February 2007

L/Cpl Frank Danby was with SCLI & 1LI from 1968 until 1976 when he had to leave due to ill health, he was with A Coy then later with MT Plt – remembered by Fred Allen ex L/Cpl MT Plt.

Frank was born in Plymouth and on leaving school he worked at HM Naval Dockyard in Plymouth until he joined the SCLI, he served in Gravesend, Ballykinler, Lemgo, Colchester, Belize and Portdown, where he was taken ill. On return to Colchester LI were getting ready to go to Hong Kong which Frank was looking forward to but this never materialised as he had to go to the Royal Hospital Woolwich for operation on a brain tumour, which was the 1st of many over the next 10 years or so. In July 2006 Frank was taken ill again and in January 2007 the family was told that he had cancer that was linked to asbestos. Frank died at 0350hrs on 14th February 2007 and the funeral was held on 21st February 2007. Frank leaves wife Mary, 4 children 9 grandchildren and 1 great grand child. (I know that I and my wife have lost a very dear friend. Fred Allen)

Brian Cole – died 23rd October 2006

Brian joined Som LI at Taunton then went to Knook Camp and The School of Infantry Warminster, then back to Knook for Farewell Parade. Next with Som LI to Mercer Barracks Osnabruck 1 SCLI.

I have lost a dear friend who served in the Somersets & the SCLI in West Germany , we were close friends, we went every where together. Brian Cole passed away Monday 23rd October 2006 after a long fight with illness bravely fought at St Margarets Hospital Yeovil. We joined the Som LI at Taunton together and our last posting was a Civil Defence course at Epsom then demob. He was a really true friend God Bless Him – Yours Truly Victor George Higgins 23603090

John Craig – died Sept 2006 aged 62

He was commissioned in the SCLI in 1964 and served as a Platoon Commander in Berlin, Gravesend and Ballykinlar before completing his service at The Light Infantry Depot, Shrewsbury as Training Officer. He retired from the Army in 1969 and trained as a Solicitor. Loved always by his widow Clare, son Oliver and daughter Henrietta.

Colonel Peter Johnson – died 26th Sept 2006 aged 80

In May 1964 he joined SCLI in Berlin as OC HQ Coy and was later Battalion 2IC. Long career with Kings African Rifles, Ox & Bucks LI, Som LI and was later CO of The Light Infantry Depot Shrewsbury.

LCpl Terry Cooke – died 29th August 2006

He passed away peacefully in Rotherham General Hospital. He served with 1SCLI and 1LI in C Company and as the Battalion Butcher. He was resident in Wath-on-Dearn in South Yorkshire at the time of his untimely death and will be truly missed by all that knew him. 

Eric Gutteridge – died 22nd August 2006 aged 61

Eric served with 1SCLI / 1LI early ’60s onwards then with 2 LI. Originally a Sunderland lad as I’ve been informed. He leaves a wife & family. Ronnie Gell

Kenneth George Tune – died 29 May 2006 aged 78

He died as he would have wished, playing golf on his beloved St Enodoc course overlooking the Camel Estuary. He enlisted as a boy soldier at age 16 in DCLI and served in WW2 being demobbed in 1946. He ran a fish/chip shop with his wife Rita in Truro but soon the joys of civilian life faded and he rejoined the regiment in 1954. He served in Jamaica, Osnabruck and the Depot at Bodmin where as a Serjeant he trained recruits for the new regiment the SCLI.

His final tour of duty was PSI with the DCLI (TA) and he retired in 1972.

Lt.Col Guy Mathews – died 25th May 2006 – the 4th CO of 1SCLI


Ronald Broomfield – died 14th May 2006

1SCLI 1960 to 1962 – 62nd draft, Bodmin, March / April 1960. National Service. Best all Round Recruit … Pte. Broomfield. Remembered by: Lawrie Hodges, Keith Scudamore and Tony Hood.

23386143 Brock (Mick) Michael Henry – died 20th April 2006

1DCLI – 1SCLI; Mick died suddenly. We extend our sympathy to Mick’s family in true Light Infantry comradeship. From Doc Halliday, Chairman The Light Infantry Association Telford Branch, also from Nelson Bassett. Pete Dallard, Terry & Wendy Joll.

Maj John Lewarne Harvey – died 9th April 2006 aged 69yrs

John was born in St Columb, Cornwall in 1936, the son of Geoffrey Harvey, a well known and respected veterinary surgeon. He was educated at Blundells where he soon showed his sporting prowess, becoming a first class cricketer. At the age of 18, he was conscripted into the DCLI. He rose quickly to the rank of Cpl before being selected for officer training at Eaton Hall OCTU. From there he was posted in 1958 to the 1st Bn who were based in Osnabruck, as a short service subaltern. He was later posted to the Regt. Depot at Bodmin as a Training Platoon Com.SCLI.

He was later appointed to a regular commission and eventually returned to 1 SCLI in Gibraltar, serving there and with his company in Tobruk. He moved with the Bn to Berlin and later departed on a staff appointment followed by a tour with the Federation of Malaysia army. In May 1964 he married Phillipa Doughty-Wylie who inherited her family’s magnificent 17th century house, Halston, near Oswestry. In 1965 he retired from the army to manage the estate, later attending Shropshire agricultural college. He is buried in the ground of Halston Chapel, his headstone carved with the Cross of St Columb.

Major Peter Clifford Firth – died 10 March 2006 aged 79yrs

Enlisted into KOYLI in the last few months of WW2. In 1948 served with 1 KOYLI in Malaya in the jungles of Perak and Kedah. His Bn. was one of the first to be deployed. He was Mentioned in Despatches. On return to UK in 1951 at the rank of Sgt. he was transferred to 1 DCLI in Minden. He was an excellent shot and represented the Bn. at Bisley in 1952. In 1954 when 1 DCLI was in the Caribbean he was CSM of B Coy. His next posting was to the DCLI ( TA ) as RSM. He was commissioned as a Lt. (QM) on 1st.April 1963 and 3yrs later promoted to Captain 1 SCLI. After a period of service with the DLI, he was posted to 1 SCLI. at Gravesend in 1966, initially as MTO at Gravesend, and with the Bn. in Aden then later as QM. On retiring from the regular army in 1970, he joined the TA for the last years of his service and commanded the Coy. in Camborne.

It is sad to learn of his death, he was a lovely man and a superb officer. My condolences to all his family – Pete Dallard

Ex LCpl Lance Worden – died March 2006

He was a Trg NCO at Bodmin in 1957 / 58, a very nice chap. He died of cancer. Funeral was 10/3/06.

George Albert Ernest ( Bill ) Lloyd – died 19th December 2005 aged 68yrs

Enlisted into Som LI. in 1956 and was serving with Ist.Bn. at the time of the amalgamation in Osnabruck. After an exemplary career serving with Som LI. 1SCLI. and later 2 LI. he was promoted through the ranks and attained the rank of RSM whilst serving with 2 LI. He later became RSM of the LI Depot at Shrewsbury and finally retired from the army after a long career in 1985. He then spent two years working with the Army Careers Information Office in Bristol.

Dannie McShane – died 15th Dec 2005

1SCLI and 1LI through Berlin, Gravesend, Ballykinler and then Lemgo, mostly in Signals Platoon.

Bruce Reginald John Perring – died on September 23rd 2005

Bruce died after a 3-month battle with cancer. Remembered by daughter Diane Holley (Perring) and family.

Lt.Col. Keith Shapland – died 7 July 2005 aged 76yrs

Educated at King’s College, Taunton he was selected for officer training at the RMA Sandhurst. He was commissioned into Som LI in 1949 and for the next 7yrs served with LIBTC and the 1st.Bn. in Borden, Munster and Malaya. He was a fine exponent of jungle warfare and was mentioned in despatches in 1951. For the final 18 months of the tour he instructed at the Jungle Warfare School. When the Bn. was in Malta and Cyprus he was Mortar Platoon Commander. In 1956 he went to Ghana as commander of the Regular Officers’ Special Training School and in 1960 he was made Commandant of the newly formed Ghana Military Academy. After Ghana he returned to regimental soldiering to what was now the SCLI. first in Osnabruck, then Gibraltar and Berlin. He was B Company Commander in Aden. He also completed two staff tours in Benghazi and Shrewsbury before being selected to attend the Joint Services Staff College at Latimer.

In 1969 he was appointed Chief Instructor at Mons Officer Cadet School. In 1972 he was posted to the United Arab Emirates as principal staff officer (G1) to Brig. De Butts and when the Brig. departed approximately a year later he took over as Director of Administration in his place. He held this post for a further three years and retired from the army in about 1975. (There is no date given in the Silver Bugle where his obituary is printed.)

Arthur James Clark – died 15th June 2005

Junior Leaders Shrewsbury, SCLI Berlin, Gravesend, Norway, Canada and Aden.

Brian Nicholls – died 2005 aged 65

He was the Regimental Barber in Osnabruck, on the Battalions move to Plymouth he was posted to Hereford. – (Memories – In those days long ago Tony Hood had a rich head of hair so knew Brian well.)

Lt.Col. Andrew Neville Langslow Thom – died 22nd May 2005

Died at Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA. He was born in Mhow, India and after attending the Imperial Service College, he was, in 1942, commissioned into Probyn’s Horse and later transferred to the 14/13th Frontier Force Rifles with whom he saw action in Burma as the Bn. Signals Officer, and later on the North West Frontier as a Company Commander. In 1947 he transferred to the DCLI and spent a year at the Depot in Bodmin before being posted to the 1st Bn. as Signals Officer then followed numerous postings with the Bn. and away from the Bn at Colchester. He returned to the 1st Bn. at Minden, again as Signals Officer. In 1954 he was posted to 4/5 DCLI (TA) as Adjutant before being appointed DAA & QMG of 2 Infantry Brigade at Plymouth. He later returned to the 1st Bn SCLI as HQ. Company Commander first in Osnabruck and later in Gibraltar. He again had another spell on the staff as G2 (Cadets) in London. Following this he was selected to command the 4/5 DCLI (TA) Bn. There later followed two further tours on the staff before he retired from the army in December 1973.

Brian Isaac – died Feb 2005

SLI – DCLI – SCLI – Royal Navy. Brian enlisted in Som LI, then was posted to DCLI to be with his brother Michael. They both then found themselves in SCLI at Osnabruck, Brian stayed with SCLI until 1962 when he left to join the Royal Navy. He served 12 years with the senior service.

Captain John Fouracre – died February 2005, aged 85yrs

Enlisted into Som LI. in January 1939, after training posted to 2nd. Bn. in Gibraltar. In March 1940 he was posted to 7th. Bn. as a LCpl, earning quick promotion to Sgt. in May 1942 and was part of a Som.LI. draft sent to India. From Dec.42 – May.46 he worked with 225 Grp. HQ. RAF instructing in small arms, demolition & jungle penetration. After the war he held a number of training. and admin appointments and in 1949 was posted to Ox & Bucks LI as a CSgt. this was followed by a 3yr. tour as RQMS of the Somaliland Scouts. In 1955 he was appointed RSM of 4/5th. (TA) Bn. a position he held for 5yrs. Commissioned in 1960 and posted to Aden Protectorate Levees as QM. for two years. In 1962 he was posted to 1SCLI. as QM. in Gibraltar and Berlin, then in 1965 to DCLI (TA) as QM. He retired from the army in 1968.

23892875 W. Kaljusko (Klaggy) – 26th December 2004

S.C.L.I. L.I. Fond memories of our exploits together in Berlin, saddened we didn’t manage to meet again. Ernie Lethbridge.

Frank Morse – died July 2004 aged 58yrs

Enlisted into 1 SCLI. in 1963 and posted following training to Berlin. He then served continuously with 1 SCLI. and 1LI in all their postings until four months prior to his retirement from the army in 1976. Those final four months he served at the LI. Depot at Shrewsbury. He retired in the rank of Cpl.

Philip Alan Repper – died June 2004 aged 71yrs

Philip died at Treliske Hospital, Cornwall. He was first called up for National Service in the DCLI. On demob he returned to the Building Trade and several years later re-enlisted. He was a member of the Bugle Platoon in SCLI. He left the Army in 1964 in the rank of Cpl.

Maj. Charles William George ( Nobby ) Clark – died 19th April 2004 aged 75yrs

Enlisted into the army in September 1946 and completed his initial training at Holywood Barracks, Northern Ireland. He was posted to 1 Som.LI. in 1948 and was employed as a Orderly Room Clerk He was promoted whilst serving within the Orderly Room and in 1957 became the Chief Clerk of the 1st. Bn. Following amalgamation he was further promoted and at the time that 1 SCLI received new Colours in Gibraltar in 1962 he was the RQMS. Later he served for two years in Aden as RQMS with the Aden Protectorate Levies. He was commissioned in February 1966 and posted to 6 DLI. as Quartermaster. In 1967 he rejoined 1 SCLI for a few months as the MTO, before being posted to 1 KOYLI as Quartermaster shortly before they became 2 LI.

He served with the Bn. in Berlin, Colchester, Malaya and Northern Ireland. His next posting was to the LI. Depot at Shrewsbury from 1973-1976 again as Quartermaster. This was followed by a 5 year tour as Quartermaster to 5 LI. in Shrewsbury. He retired from regular service in July 1981 and then had a very successful second career as the Army Careers Officer for Shropshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

I always got on well with him, he was good friend of Angus McKay. (KPS)

Ted Gillard – died 25th March 2004 aged 65

SomLI, SCLI, served in UK, North Africa, Gibraltar and Berlin. After leaving army he worked for BT for 30 years.

Don Marshall – died on 15th February 2004 aged 72yrs

Enlisted as N.S. man on 8th March 1950 into Som LI. On completion of service joined Devonshire Regt.TA. Rejoined Som LI. as a regular on 7th December 1953. During service in Malaya, was awarded C in C Certificate for Good Service. Retired from the Army in October 1986 in the rank of CSM. Awarded Meritorious Service Medal in 1980 and LSGC Medal in 1985.

Charlie Eagle – died 27th January 2004 aged 68yrs

He enlisted in the DCLI. in 1953 and served until 1967 when he left the Army in the rank of Cpl. He was an excellent basketball and rugby player and also excelled at water polo. He was a well known figure in the Battalion because of his height. He died in Bath.

Charles William Bruce – died 9th Jan 2004

Born 11th July 1941 at Penzance; died at Kettering.

Jeffrey Mulcock – died 4th November 2003 aged 72yrs

Enlisted into Som.LI. in October 1946, transferring to 1 KSLI in 1948. He served with the Bn. in Bulford, Hong Kong and Korea before returning to Bridgnorth as PSI in 1952. Following tours at the Regimental Depot and with the Infantry Junior Leaders he was posted to SCLI in 1962. He was finally discharged from the army in 1971 with the rank of C/Sgt.

Lt.Col Bryan M. Elliott MBE – died 9th October 2003 aged 61yrs

Educated at Clifton College, he was commissioned in 1962 from RMA Sandhurst into the SCLI, serving in Gibraltar and then Berlin. He then moved to the Regt. Depot at Shrewsbury as a Training Pltn. Commander. From Shrewsbury he then served in Malaya with 1 KSLI before a full tour as an Instructor at the School of Infantry Small Arms Wing. In 1971 he returned to 1 LI. in Lemgo and remained until 1974. The time in Lemgo was spent with annual tours in Northern Ireland interspersed with training in BAOR. During this period he was Operations Officer in 1971, OC. Command 1972 where he commanded the reserve ‘Wurzel Force’, made up of senior NCOs and older soldiers, and OC Support Coy in 1973-74. In 1973 as an acting Maj. he was given the role of Company Operations against the determined and experienced IRA terrorists operating on the Border and in South Armagh. His considerable success was recognised by the award of MBE. The Bn. having moved to Colchester in 1974, his last role was to establish a most professional Jungle Training Course in Belize for the Bn tour later that year. He attended Staff College in 1975, then spent almost two years as Brigade Major with 12 Mceh Bde. in BAOR before returning to 1LI. at Tidworth. Following a further operational tour in West Belfast in 1978 he was Mentioned in Despatches. He then went to RMA Sandhurst as a Coy. Commander and Regt. Representative. In 1982 he took Command of 1 LI. in Munster with the inevitable operational tour in West Belfast, this was at the time of further turmoil in the province with many shootings and explosions. For his determined leadership in command he was again Mentioned in Despatches. Having moved the Bn. to Weeton Camp near Blackpool, he relinquished his command of 1 LI. in January 1985.

Shortly after leaving 1 LI. his wife died in May of that year. Following such a personal loss and coming to the end of a long and distinguished Regimental career, he retired from the army in 1987.

Barry Smith BEM – died 2003 aged 68yrs

Enlisted into DCLI in 1953 for National Service. (Decided to sign on as a regular soldier because he liked the cap badge.) Served in Jamaica in the West Indies with 1 DCLI. He then volunteered for three years service with 22 SAS. and served in Malaya. In 1958 he returned to 1 DCLI who were now based in Osnabruck as a Cpl. In 1959 the amalgamation with Som LI. took place and he continued serving with SCLI. He quickly gained promotion through the ranks having served in the West Indies, West Germany, Gibraltar, Berlin and finally the LI Regimental Depot at Shrewsbury where he was CSM of the Junior Soldiers Company. He spent several years in this post and was awarded the BEM. He retired from the army in 1970 having completed 17yrs. service.

He spent a few years as CSM of the Boys Coy at Shrewsbury. He went to Cyprus to live, he died three years ago. (Terry Joll)

Ray Beeks – died 16th Sept 2003 aged 65 yrs

Sadly Ray died suddenly of a massive heart attack. Lovingly remembered by his wife Anne and family, also remembered as a pal by Bob Evered and Tyrrel Francis.

Lt.Col. William Roland Lawson MBE – died 7th September 2003 aged 89yrs


Peter Smyth CSM – died 14th March 2003 aged 76yrs

Enlisted into KOYLI. in 1945, this was followed by service with Som.LI. SCLI and LI. He completed his Military service with the Bn whilst in Lemgo having served for 29yrs. On leaving the regular army he worked for a short time as the SSI for Shrewsbury School CCF.

John Brister C/Sgt. – died 14th January 2003 aged 65yrs

John passed away in Canada. He enlisted into Som.LI in March 1956 when called up for National Service, served with 1 Som.LI in Malta and Cyprus. On return to UK he joined the SAS and after completing his training he was posted to 22 SAS in Malaya / Singapore where his Troop Commander was Peter de la Billiere, later Gen.Sir Peter de la Billiere. In 1958 he went with his Squadron to Oman, taking part in an attack on Jebal Akdar, before in 1959 being posted to the SAS Regimental Depot. He returned to the Regiment, now the SCLI in 1960 and served in Gibraltar, Tobruk and Berlin before retiring from the army in 1964. However in 1966 he decided to rejoin the Colours and was posted to 1 KSLI in Plymouth. He served with the KSLI in Singapore, Malaya, Australia and Mauritius. On returning to UK. he was posted to the Army Youth Team in Shrewsbury and from there to 3 LI. in Plymouth followed by Cyprus and Northern Ireland. In January 1971 he was posted to the newly formed 6LI. as the first PSI at Yeovil. In 1974 he was posted to Colchester. He served with the Bn. in Belize, Canada, Northern Ireland and finally Hong Kong. He retired from the army in 1979. John was the son of George Brister a former RSM of Som.LI.

He was large chap with marvellous moustache. He was one of my Trg NCOs in Gib and when I was with KSLI 1966/67 he was one of my Cpls before he made Sgt, our Pl Comd was Brian Elliott who passed away couple of years ago. John Brister ended up as C/Sgt and went to Canada where he died of cancer three years ago (Terry Joll).

CSM Hilary (Charlie) Benny – died on Saturday 19th October 2002 aged 74yrs

Charlie, as he was known, enlisted into the DCLI in 1955 and served with the 1st Bn. in several postings before returning to the Regimental Depot at Bodmin as a Training NCO. Promoted to Sjt in 1962 he was posted to the Brigade Depot as a Platoon Sjt. He was later posted to 1SCLI and served with the Bn. in Aden and Gravesend. In 1968 following the formation of the Light Infantry, he was posted to the 2nd Bn with whom he remained for the remainder of his 22yrs service, finally leaving the Army in 1977 in the rank of CSM. Returning to his home in Bodmin he was employed in the dairy industry, taking early retirement due to ill health. Our condolences go to his wife Barbara and family.

Capt Alan Lynas-Gray – died 13 September 2002 (Capt MTO in Gravesend 1967) aged 75yrs

Enlisted KSLI in 1946, then as a result of a mistake made by a clerk in the Bombay Holding Unit who crossed out the letter K in KSLI he was posted to Som LI in India in 1947. He transferred to the 1st Bn. Parachute Regt. in 1948. He returned to Som LI. towards the end of their Malayan tour. He had risen to CSM by the time of the formation of SCLI. Shortly after the presentation of the Colours in 1962 he was posted to Junior Leaders Battalion at Oswestry as RQMS. He then returned to SCLI as RSM. He was commissioned in the rank of Lt. in 1967 as 2i/c HQ Coy. Shortly after this he took over as MTO. and held this post till 1973. He was promoted to Capt on 12th. May 1969. In 1973 he was posted to command 18 Cadet Training Team in Plymouth, he retired from this post and the army in 1977.

Walter (Nobby) Farley – died on 7th September 2002 aged 82yrs

He first joined the army as a TA Soldier with 5th.BN.Som LI in 1940, then from 1942-45 with 1st.BN Som LI. in India & Burma. Returned to civvy street after the war and rejoined with 1 Som LI. in 1953. Served then with 1 Som LI. 1 SCLI &. 1 LI until 1972, then posted to LI. Depot at Shrewsbury until he retired from the army in 1975. For the last 9yrs of his service he was a Provost Sgt.

I remember Nobby very well, he was Provost Sgt at Milton Bks Gravesend. I did serve in one of his cells for a period of time and I remember what pay we did get seemed to go on the horses at the local bookies. A truly good man with lots of character. (Trevor Nottingham)

WO2 Joe Rowe – died 29 Aug 2002 aged 63

DCLI – SCLI – LI – The Regiment was represented at Joe’s funeral by Lt Colonel Ron Bevan, Major Colin Harding and Major Jeremy York. Bugle Major Steve Jones sounded Last Post and Reveille. His Army service included tours of duty in Gibraltar, North Africa, Berlin, Norway, Canada. Aden, Northern Ireland, Hong Kong and Germany. He was everything that epitomised a Cornishman, big raw boned, slow to anger, lovely accent and a pleasure to be with. (Doc Halliday)

Lt.Col. Tom Meredith (QM) MBE – died 23rd June 2002 aged 85

He enlisted in the Somerset Light Infantry in 1935, 1941-45 1st Parachute Battalion, commissioned in 1945. Awarded MBE in 1951, returned to Somerset Light Infantry in 1954 with rank of Major. 1962-1964 Quartermaster of Light Infantry Depot and from 1964-1971 he held the most senior Quartermaster’s appointment in the Army as Staff Quartermaster. Promoted to Lieut. Col in 1968. Tom Meredith was hugely popular and much respected in the regiment, he was commonly known as “Mr Fixit”.

I regret to report the death of my father in law Thomas Fletcher Meredith LtCol (MBE) at Penticton BC Canada at 0100 hrs 23 June 2002. Tom joined the SLI in Birmingham in 1936 because he liked the picture of the soldier on the horse and wanted to play football. He was serving in India when he was seconded to the Paras on their formation. He rose to RQMS with 150\151 and then the 1st?? after Arnhem. He was subsequently commission and served in Germany with the army of occupation, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Egypt/Palestine, and Malaya, to name a few (my wife was truly a globe trotting army brat) Following his retirement he served as an RO with the ceremonial branch of the Ministry. He was predeceased by his wife Margaret and is survived by his daughter Charlotte Lewall of Christina Lake BC Canada, and four grand children – Anna Lewall of Newcastle, Brendan Liard Lewall of Canberra Australia, Katharine Margaret Lewall of Cranbrook BC and Christina Meredith Lewall of Christina Lake BC A finer man I will not meet. He will be sorely missed

Jim Newall

A joy to work for, humour in abundance greatly respected and you never knew what the day would bring, no chance to be bored – (Keith Petvin-Scudamore – his clerk in Osnabruck and Gibraltar)

C/Sjt John (Dutch) Holland MM – died Monday 10th June 2002 aged 78

John’s WWII service commenced with No. 6 Beach Group of the 1st Bucks Battalion of the Ox & Bucks LI. The Group landed on D-Day 1944 in Normandy to clear mines and obstacles and to secure the beach-head. When this was accomplished he was transferred to the 5th Queen’s Own Highlanders and with them fought on to the end of the campaign. During the winter fighting in Holland he was awarded the MM for exceptional bravery and initiative during his Battalion attack on the Wilhelmina Canal. At the time he was a Cpl his action included taking a Bren LMG well forward to harass the enemy while his Company advanced under his cover and secured their objective. After the war he signed up for Regular Service and served 16 years in the Ox & Bucks, the DCLI and following amalgamation with the SCLI. He was by this time a C/Sjt and served in a Rifle Company in Osnabruck and Gibraltar. He retired from the Army in 1962 and returned to his home in Plymouth were he worked in the manufacturing industry. Later in life he worked as a voluntary driver for a charity which helped the elderly. He was a founding member of the Plymouth Branch of The Light Infantry Association. Members of the Branch attended his funeral together with their Branch Standard. He was separated from his wife and family.

Frank Basil Bowell SCLI & 1LI – died 7th Jan 2002 aged 74

He enlisted into the Somerset Light Infantry in 1953 and served with the 1st Bn. in Malaya, Plymouth and Warminster and following the amalgamation of the DCLI with SOM LI, in Osnabruck. There followed a number of postings with the Bn. and following it becoming 1LI in 1968 he served in Lemgo and Northern Ireland on several tours. His final posting was to Colchester, from where he left the Army on completion of 22yrs service in 1975. A great majority of his service had been with the Signals Platoon. Our condolences go to his wife Doreen and family.

Denis John Kellow CSM – died 2001 aged 69yrs

Born in Perranporth and later moved to Truro where he worked with his father in the family fish and chip shop. He was later called up for National Service in the army, however nine months into his service he was released on compassionate grounds as his father had been taken ill and he had to run the business. His brief time in the army had given him the taste for service life and several years later he rejoined the DCLI. Following the amalgamation, he was in 1960, a Cpl. in the Training Coy. at the SCLI Depot at Bodmin. In September of that year he was involved in the training of the 66th. Intake, which was the last National Service Intake to join 1 SCLI. On completion of training he accompanied the Intake to Osnabruck and then saw service with the Bn. in Germany and other postings. He retired after completing 22yrs with the Regt. in the rank of CSM.

Rob Smudger Smith – died 5th April 2001 aged 53

Smudge is sadly missed by wife Theresa, kids Rob and Cheryl and Grandchildren Thomas, Jack, Abbie, Clare, Francis and Noah.

It is with much sadness another comrade has died. Rob “Smudger” Smith, passed away on 5th April 2001. Rob was one of the very young soldiers who volunteered to serve with me in “Special Branch Squad”, (Recce Pln) 1SCLI, during the Battalion’s Aden tour 1966.

Despite the tension, heat, danger and stench of spending several hours, night after night in those cockroach and rat infested open sewers, on a two or three man ambush, surrounded by thousands of Arabs. Rob was always cheerful, and ready to go that extra mile without complaint. I was privileged to command such young men as Rob, that during the many dangerous operation’s that SBS was tasked to perform. Dressed in smelly clothes and often with just a few minutes notice, to get across the border into Lahej, to RV with civilian Special Branch Officer’s. (It now seems so unreal).

I have made contact with Rob’s daughter Cheryl Young and passed on the details of Rob’s service with SBS, Recce Pln. which she was unaware of.

R.I.P. Smudger. Bobby Bogan. BEM. MSM.