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The Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry

6 October 1959 - 10 July 1968


Osnabruck 1959/61

Plymouth Sept/61


Gibraltar 1961/63


Tobruk 1961/63


Berlin 1963/65


Gravesend 1965/68


Aden 1966

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Rest in Peace


Kenneth Richard Hughes,C/Sgt

 died 13th. May 2000, aged 80yrs. Enlisted into 4th./5th.Bn.Dorset Regiment as a Boy Soldier in 1936. In 1938 he transfered to the 4th/5th Bn. DCLI, subsequently seeing active service in Northern France with 4th.Bn. DCLI. and the 5th.Bn.DCLI. ( Including the major action at Hill 112 ) ( A Battle Honour for DCLI and also Som.LI ) He also saw action in the Netherlands and Northern Germany. Following the end of the war he continued service with the DCLI, and with 1DCLI in Jamaica in the West Indies and later with the Osnabruck and the amalgamation with Som.LI. He served with 1 SCLI in Osnabruck, the UK. Gibraltar and Berlin. He retired from the army in 1967