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The Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry
6 October 1959 - 10 July 1968

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Site Credits (updated 5th Oct. - 2009)

This site has been created to record the short history of the SCLI, its day to day activities and the memories of the men of all ranks that served in this fine regiment..

Mike Pruett (son of Dave Pruett), has again designed the site for me and without his help and support I would not be able to complete the task I have set myself.

I have with the help of other ex SCLI created the website that is entirely devoted to the 9 year history of the regiment. The site tells the story through the eyes of the men who served, whatever their rank. You will note that first names are used on the site but the rank is much respected, what we all share is a love for our regiment as we are forvever part of that regimental family.

You are invited to submit articles for submission to the site, I need material for the years 1963 to 1968. Many of you must have pictures relating to that period. The articles can be a tribute or memory lane type, they will all be treated with respect.

If sending images by Email attachment, please make them jpg's if possible. Please write in pencil on the back of photographs sent in post brief desription of the image.

My grateful thanks to all who have sent donations for the website expenses, the generosity means the fund is in credit, my thanks to you all.

If you intend sending me a packet in the post and do not know my address, Email me first and I will telephone you or email you my address.

I will record here all people who have helped me with material:

Nelson Bassett
Gavin Peck
Lt. Hugh Fox
Lawrie Hodges
Peter Slade
Rodney Nottingham
Les Summers
Terry Joll
John Reid
John Pover
Fred Weston
Gus Ashworth
Philip Ashworth
Duncan Drake
Tony Hood
Reg Horn
Charlotte Lewall (Nee Meredith)
Peter Vile
Denis Carter
Peter Dallard
Johnny Welch
Tom McHale
Dave Pruett
Alan Wheeler
John Jacobs
Steve Forward
Victor Higgins
Brian Aldridge
Trevor Nottingham
Lt. Richard Hogg RIP
John Davies
Graham Comber
Terry Cheek
Colin Dark
LI Som Office
Major Jeremy French
Major Hugo White
Dave Smith (11)
Tony (Nobby) Clark
Nigel Dear
Lt. Col. Eric Herrington QM. MBE
Lt. Col. Ray Hall QM. MBE
Major Ian Hill QM
Major Tony Manley QM. MBE
Major Stephen Taylor (QM)
Captain AV. Worster (QM)
Major General Barry Lane CBE

Major General Peter Bush OBE


Lt. Col. Richard Vyvyan-Robinson
Captain Ian I. Foster Asst. Regt. Sec. Winchester
Major Oliver Reynolds
Lt.Col Gage Williams
Ron Wingrove
David Symes
Doc Halliday
Roy Coombes
Bob Bogan BEM
Ernie Lethbridge
Annegret Burford
Brian Cooke
Andrew Marshall
Michael Isaac
Graham (Fuzz) Lloyd
Mrs Lesley Skeet (Admin Officer RHQ Winchester
Terry Price
Doc Halliday
Ray Draper
Roy Rumble
Anthony Hussey
Roger Chilcott
Ray Bennett
Robin Leigh
Andrew Kidner
Trevor Hosking
Mike Clark
John Yerbery
Ray Grimson
George Walker
Don McFarlane
Tui Lepai and Mari-Clare Lepai
Bob Evered
Tyrell Francis
Late Geoff Edwards (Family)
Debbie Young SomLI Office Taunton
John Martyn
Tony Rawlings
Nicholas Richardson
Angus McKay
Chief Clerk DCLI/SCLI Depot, 1 SCLI in Osnabruck, Gib and Berlin
Brigadier Alastair Fyfe DL
Lt. Col. David Eliot DL
Mike Sawyer
General Sir Jack Deverell KCB OBE
Gerry Blackwell
Don Chapman
Tyrrell Francis
Dick Wignall
AGJ Moore
Den Mac McCarthy

Special thanks to: General Sir Jack Deverell KCB OBE, , Brigadier Alastair Fyfe DL and Lt. Col. David Eliot.


To Garry Gibbs, editor of Grenadier Publishing Ltd. Regiment Heritage Magazine for kind permission to reproduce photographs.


Mike.P, Dave.P and Keith.S

Founder and present Webmaster

Keith Petvin-Scudamore 2004/2011




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