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SCLI in Gibraltar
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Pte Colin Luke RIP
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SCLI in Gibraltar - 1961

The SCLI arrived in Gibraltar in August 1961 aboard the Troopship MV. Devonshire, the bulk of the battalion was housed in South Barracks with HQ Company up at Europa Point. Both barracks has terrific views over The Straits, the houses around the northern side of the Europa Parade ground were mostly officer's married quarters and had a magnificent view straight out across the Strait of Gibraltar with Morroco and Atlas Mountains in the distance.
The posting was very much a 'spit and polish posting' as being the Garrison Infantry Battalion you were on show the whole time.

Lt.Col. W. Hine-Haycock (April 1960 - September 1962) commanded the battalion for much of the period of this posting and in September 1962 went to Staff College, he was replaced by, Lt.Col. J.T.C. Howard MC.

Ceremonial duties included the Ceremony of the Keys, Mounting the guard at the Governor's residence and Mounting the guard at the Border point with Spain, this included a perimeter patrol.

During this period the battalion was expected to provide a company strength party to be posted to RAF El Adem in Libya, (more of that later).

One or two SCLI members worked part time on The El Adem Radio Service, known to all as TEARS during our stint in 1963, it still has an interesting website. Peter Vile and John Pover are mentioned on the site.

SCLI in Gibraltar - 1961

Private Colin Luke

In the early June 1962 we lost Private Colin Luke in strange circumstances, he was renowned as a very strong swimmer and informed his good pal Gordon (Gus) Ashworth on the 16th June that he was going to swim from Little Bay around the Rock as far as Eastern Beach. A pile of clothes was left at Little Bay which Gus was asked by the Gibraltar Police to indentify as belonging to Colin and Gus made a statement also, however Colin never arrived at Eastern Beach and the body was never found, despite a long search being made.

There was much speculation about this loss especially as there were the Russian Trawlers (listening ships) anchored just offshore, easily in reach of Colin's swimming abilities. His loss was much regretted among the battalion.

Farewell to Gibraltar - 1963

An address from the C/O to his men: (edited by Webmaster)

Our time in Gibraltar is fast drawing to a close and in spite of the fact that the Rock is such a small station we have found that out time has passed very quickly and pleasantly, within hours our first group of the Main Body's departure, by air, for the United Kingdom.

It would also be true to say that this has been a most enjoyable and happy station in which we have had the good fortune to serve since our almalgamation. We have been told by His Worship The Mayor that we have been the best behaved Battalion in living history of The Rock.

We now look forward to our next posting of Berlin, meanwhile we wish all possible success to The 1st Btn Middlesex Regiment.



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