somerset and cornwall light infantry SCLI scli
The Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry
6 October 1959 - 10 July 1968

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Foreword by: Brigadier A.I.H. Fyfe DL


Commisioned Duke of Cornwall's LI 1958, Commanded 1 Bn LI 1980-82 (Adj 1968-69), mil attaché Moscow 1988-91, hon ADC to HM The Queen 1989-91, regimental sec LI (Somerset) 1991-99, Hon Col Somerset ACF 1995-2002, Dep Hon Col Rifle Volunteers 1999-2007; fell Woodard Schs Corp 1995-, vice-provost Western Div Woodard Schs 2000-04; chm: Somerset ACF Tst 1999-2010, Somerset Mil Museum Tst 1999-2011; govr: King's Hall Sch 1992-2007, King's Coll Taunton 1992-2007; High Sheriff Somerset 2006-07

Foreword by

Brigadier A.I.H. Fyfe DL

I would like to congratulate Keith Petvin-Scudamore on producing this website featuring The Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry (SCLI).

The wonders of modern technology allow us to record publicly our favourite stories about the time we served in that splendid Regiment. We should take advantage of this as our regimental predecessors were not as fortunate as us, and did not have the amazing facilites which many of us take for granted.

It was sufficiently long ago for us to be able to recall, without embarassment, our personal thoughts and sentiments. Having said that, I'm sure that nobody would wish to recall stories which would upset or hurt the feelings of any individual. That would not be within the spirit of our Regiment.

May I urge all those that have served in the SCLI, in whatever capacity, to use this website. It does not matter whether you served two years National Service or whether you served a full period as a Regular soldier. Everybody will have stories to tell and instances to recall, whether good or bad!

Let's all go for a trip down memory lane!

Alastair Fyfe.




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